Specialty Care

Becoming a Specialist Carer has rewards, we need more Specialist Carers, to share the unique experiences this offers.

With our wildlife being so precious, meet little Echo who came into care 3 months ago as a little ball in my hand (I am not a specialist Carer for this species at present) weighing very little, as he/she was handed over to a specialist Carer of Echidnas, this is an update of little Echo a few days ago.

I was astounded at the size of his/her ears when he was rescued, hence the name, and how they have stayed the same size with him her growing into them

Little things of interest

  • the sex is difficult to make and having a a pouch mark does not make it female
  • No bill / pallet on two echidnas have found to be the same, and are similar to finger prints
  • They leave similar too chocolate bullets as poo
  • The spines are prickly, but their under belly and facial hair feels like silk
  • Their back feet look like the have been fitted backwards, nature has made the to do the job they need… amazing

Upon rescue

3 months later

Clicking the link below will share a video of my visit, whilst Echo was being fed.

Feeding time –


This video is for educational use only and not to be distributed without permission of Wildlife Carers Network Central West Inc.

Thanks to our Specialty Carer, John.