About WCNCW Inc.

Formed by a group of volunteer wildlife carers in 1996 mainly to offer effective rescue and foster care services to those areas of the outskirts of the established wildlife carer groups.

Our aims are: to rescue, rehabilitate and release back into the wild healthy previously injured, sick or orphaned native fauna; to train and support the rescuers and /or foster Carers of the Network in these fields; and to educate the general public, particularly the school children (our future Carers), of the needs of the wildlife in their area.

The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) General Licence is held by the Network covers an area from Lithgow and (Bathurst) Kelso in the south, east of the Macquarie River (in the old (063) area code), north through Dunedoo and Coolah, to Tambar Springs and Premer, back down the western side of the Goulburn River, Wollemi NP, Blue Mountains NP and all areas between.

We have experienced rescuers and foster Carers throughout the above region, who are always willing to assist with your wildlife problem, be it injured, orphaned, in a place where pets may harm it, or even bats in the roof.

We comply with the mandatory requirements of National Parks & Wildlife Service licence we hold current.

Our guiding principles are:    

  • We will remain independent, and not-for-profit 
  • We will assist and encourage cooperation between those whose main objective is the welfare of Australian wildlife
  • We are guided by animal welfare, and conservation principles

Quality Assurance Standards

Our aim to rescue, rehabilitate then release Australian wildlife back to Nature, especially the sick, injured or orphaned.

Obligatory reporting to NSW Office of Environment & Heritage, operational support from the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service ensuring Quality Assurance Standards are met.